YESfloc® Organic coagulants

YESfloc® Organic coagulants

  • Safe, organic, and biodegradable coagulant made with natural source
  • Reduces sludge production by more than 30% compared with metal salt coagulant such as iron sulfate, with same efficiency of coagulation
  • Less dosage
  • Helps to increase your DAF capacity
  • Does not affect pH, which eliminates necessity to use extra chemical for neutralization
  • Supplied in 25kg tub or IBC tank

CHEM.ENGI will demonstrate the efficiency on your existing facility.

Lab Demonstration

  • 3ml of YESfloc PG was dosed to tap water in the left beaker.
  • 1ml of Iron sulfate (41%) and 0.7ml of Sodium hydroxide (40%) dosed to tap water in the right beaker.


Sludge is produced by itself in the right beaker.  Now imagine this is happening in your DAF or sedimentation process.

Case study for DAF application

Contract: Slaughterhouse
Daily wastewater volume: 1000m3
Current cost YESfloc® Proposed Cost
Iron sulfate     YESfloc® SG  
Dose rate 500.00  ppm Dose rate 150.00  ppm
Daily usage 500.00 litres Daily usage 150.00 litres
Cost 203 EUR/ton Cost 1,518.50 EUR/ton
Daily cost 131.95 EUR Daily cost 239.16 EUR
Sodium hydroxide   Sodium hydroxide
Dose rate 119.00  ppm Dose rate 0.00   ppm
Daily usage 119.00 litres Daily usage 0.00  litres
Cost 333.00 EUR/ton Cost 333.00 EUR/ton
Daily cost 53.50 EUR Daily cost 0.00 EUR
Polymer   Polymer YESfloc® AWE30
Dose rate 0.01 kg/m3 Dose rate 0.01 kg/m3
Daily usage 5.00 kg Daily usage 9.00 kg
Cost 2.20 EUR/kg Cost 3.70 EUR/kg
Daily cost 11.00 EUR Daily cost 33.30 EUR
Sludge   Sludge  
Production rate 0.04 ton/m3 Production rate 0.01 ton/m3
Daily production rate 38.00 ton Daily production rate 11.00 ton
Disposal cost 37.00/ton Disposal cost 37.00 EUR/ton
Daily disposal cost 1,406.00 EUR Daily disposal cost 407.00 EUR
Total daily cost 1,602.45 EUR Total daily cost 679.46 EUR
Cost per m3 1.60 EUR Cost per m3 0.68 EUR