FS series

The basic model

The standard basic model with the wide range of throughputs. This model is not equipped with the conditioning tank and Thickening Flocculation Unit. With HMI panel provided as standard, various automation possibilities are provided.

Specifications List

Raw Wastewater / Waste Activated Sludge / Chemically Precipitated Sludge Dissolved-air flotation sludge Mixed raw sludge/ aerobic digested sludge (swage sludge)
0,2% 1,0% 2,0% 5,0% 3,0%
FS-101 up to 2kg-DS/h
(up to 1.0m3/h)
up to 3kg-DS/h
(up to 0.3m3/h)
up to 5kg-DS/h
(up to 0.25m3/h)
up to 10kg-DS/h
(up to 0.2m3/h)
up to 13kg-DS/h
(up to 0.43m3/h)
FS-131 up to 4kg-DS/h
(up to 2.0m3/h)
up to 6kg-DS/h
(up to 0.6m3/h)
up to 10kg-DS/h
(up to 0.5m3/h)
up to 20kg-DS/h
(up to 0.4m3/h)
up to 26kg-DS/h
(up to 0.87m3/h)
FS-132 up to 8kg-DS/h
(up to 4.0m3/h)
up to 12kg-DS/h
(up to 1.2m3/h)
up to 20kg-DS/h
(up to 1.0m3/h)
up to 40kg-DS/h
(up to 0.8m3/h)
up to 52kg-DS/h
(up to 1.73m3/h)
FS-201 up to 9kg-DS/h
(up to 4.5m3/h)
up to 13kg-DS/h
(up to 1.3m3/h)
up to 22kg-DS/h
(up to 1.1m3/h)
up to 44kg-DS/h
(up to 0.88m3/h)
up to 57kg-DS/h
(up to 1.9m3/h)
FS-202 up to 18kg-DS/h
(up to 9.0m3/h)
up to 26kg-DS/h
(up to 2.6m3/h)
up to 44kg-DS/h
(up to 2.2m3/h)
up to 88kg-DS/h
(up to 1.76m3/h)
up to 114kg-DS/h
(up to 3.8m3/h)
FS-301 up to 20kg-DS/h
(up to 10.0m3/h)
up to 30kg-DS/h
(up to 3.0m3/h)
up to 50kg-DS/h
(up to 2.5m3/h)
up to 100kg-DS/h
(up to 2.0m3/h)
up to 130kg-DS/h
(up to 4.33m3/h)
FS-302 up to 40kg-DS/h
(up to 20m3/h)
up to 60kg-DS/h
(up to 6.0m3/h)
up to 100kg-DS/h
(up to 5.0m3/h)
up to 200kg-DS/h
(up to 4.0m3/h)
up to 260kg-DS/h
(up to 8.67m3/h)
FS-351 up to 40kg-DS/h
(up to 20m3/h)
up to 60kg-DS/h
(up to 6.0m3/h)
up to 100kg-DS/h
(up to 5.0m3/h)
up to 200kg-DS/h
(up to 4.0m3/h)
up to 260kg-DS/h
(up to 8.67m3/h)
FS-352 up to 80kg-DS/h
(up to 40m3/h)
up to 120kg-DS/h
(up to 12m3/h)
up to 200kg-DS/h
(up to 10m3/h)
up to 400kg-DS/h
(up to 8.0m3/h)
up to 520kg-DS/h
(up to 17.3m3/h)
FS-401 up to 67kg-DS/h
(up to 33.5m3/h)
up to 100kg-DS/h
(up to 10.0m3/h)
up to 160kg-DS/h
(up to 8.0m3/h)
up to 320kg-DS/h
(up to 6.4m3/h)
up to 416kg-DS/h
(up to 13.8m3/h)
FS-402 up to 133kg-DS/h
(up to 66.5m3/h)
up to 200kg-DS/h
(up to 20.0m3/h)
up to 320kg-DS/h
(up to 16.0m3/h)
up to 640kg-DS/h
(up to 12.8m3/h)
up to 832kg-DS/h
(up to 27.7m3/h)
FS-403 up to 200kg-DS/h
(up to 100.0m3/h)
up to 300kg-DS/h
(up to 30.0m3/h)
up to 480kg-DS/h
(up to 24.0m3/h)
up to 960kg-DS/h
(up to 19.2m3/h)
up to 1248kg-DS/h
(up to 41.6m3/h)
FS-404 up to 267kg-DS/h
(up to 133.5m3/h)
up to 400kg-DS/h
(up to 40.0m3/h)
up to 640kg-DS/h
(up to 32.0m3/h)
up to 1280kg-DS/h
(up to 25.6m3/h)
up to 1664kg-DS/h
(up to 55.4m3/h)
Model Dimensions (mm) Total Power
Consumption (kW)
Weight (kg)
L W H Empty Operation
FS-101 1780 750 1180 0,2 270 360
FS-131 1935 750 1180 0,2 280 375
FS-132 2026 867 1180 0,3 370 585
FS-201 2535 858 1300 0,3 455 603
FS-202 2614 1058 1613 0,73 905 1270
FS-301 3178 963 1808 0,74 895 1185
FS-302 3484 1290 1808 1,11 1395 2075
FS-351 3859 1143 2289 1,87 1570 2170
FS-352 3948 1463 2289 3,75 2710 3660
FS-401 4778 1335 2240 2,25 1940 3250
FS-402 4816 1623 2247 4,5 3380 4830
FS-403 5306 2247 1836 6,7 5310 7770
FS-404 6047 3200 2247 9 7510 12360
* Throughput above is calculated as approximate and may vary depending on sludge condition.
For model selection, please contact us.
* Throughput of each model is based on sludge cake with 20± 5% solids content.
* There is no certain upper limitation on inlet sludge concentration, however, the target sludge must be flowable.

* Throughput of DAF Sludge is based on sludge contatining much fat, oil, and grease such as meat processing applications etc.
* Throughput of Mixed Sludge (Primary Sludge and Waste Activated Sludge) and Aerobically Digested Sludge is based on
sludge containing 20% fi­ber (150 micron mesh clearance) against Total Solids.

Case studies